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We are DCs' #1 Pawnbroker 


  Crown Pawnbrokers has a long history in the ever-changing DC community that spans four generations in one location. From the time of the Great Depression, the King Riots, and into this time of Gentrification in DC, here is a brief history.

Crown Pawnbrokers 2018 14th street nwDC

Renovated in 1963


      Coming to America specializing as a tailor, Morris (left) opened Crown Men's Furnishing. Selling, fitting, and repairing fine clothing, he soon found that many people left their repaired items behind, unpaid. He then sold these items to recoup for materials and hours spent.

      In the 1940s-50s, the most valuable items an average man would have was his clothing: a Sunday suit and shoes. Before much time passed, he found the need for short-term loans, so he gave loans for suits, hats, shoes, etc. Then it went on to Radios, Televisions, and Jewelry.

      In the 1960s, Crown Pawnbrokers submitted and received a pawnbroker license. We have specialized in loaning money on valuables throughout the years.

Crown Pawnbrokers 1950's 14th street nw DC

       The storefront of today (left) was installed in the mid-'60s by Hy (above). He transformed the business exclusively into a pawnbroker.

To be continued...

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