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Guitars        Electric Acoustic Bass Fender Gibson Kramer                                    Ibanez Martin Cases Gig-Bags Stands Strings Picks

                        Straps Cords Ukulele Banjo


Band Brass  Saxophone Trumpet Trombone Horns Bugle  

                          reeds mouthpieces metronomes tuners          

                          music stands ligatures oil

Woodwind   Clarinets oboe flutes 

Orchestra      Violin Viola Cello Bass Bows

Drums & Percussion  

                         Drum-Sets Bongos Congas Roto-toms 

                         Timbales Cymbals Drum Heads Chimes Bells Seats

                         Sticks Mini congas Pedals Hi-hats Stands 

Audio & DJ   Keyboards Microphones Mic-Cords Boom Mixers 

                          Subwoofers Speakers PA Amps

Musical Instruments
  • Great Selection of instruments from professional to beginner.

  • USED Instruments for sale.

  • Accessories. Such as strings, oil/lube, mouthpieces, cases, drum sticks, etc...

  • All second-hand merchandise is refurbished and tested for quality performance.

  • Layaway available ant no additional charge for Musical Instruments.

Music Recording
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